Captain Jacks CBD Tattoo Laser Removal Aftercare Gel
Captain Jack is a friendly wise and very well travelled pirate, ​while on his journeys around the world visiting many exciting and colourful far off destinations, being a pirate Captain Jack collected the usual and obligatory tattoos that pirates collect. Over the years he discovered that applying certain herbs and oils to his freshly done tattoos not only dramatically speeded up the healing time of the new tattoo, but also made his newly healed tattoos stand out head and shoulders above those of his ship mates.
​On return from his last voyage and with huge amounts of persuasion from his fellow crew, the captain has decided to share his secret tattoo balm with the rest of the world.
Whole Plant Extract
​The FIRST and ORIGINAL CBD tattoo products on the market
Captain Jacks Original CBD VEGAN Tattoo Balm
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Captain Jacks CBD Oil
​​Captain Jacks Original CBD Tattoo Balm.