Captain Jacks CBD Skin Care is a small family run business producing small batches of high quality CBD skincare products using only the best organic and high end ingredients available. Keeping our products being made in small batches makes sure the quality is kept to the highest standard, so delivering to you the best healing and end results possible for your new tattoo.
​Not only do we have many extremely satisfied customers but we also have an amazing and highly experienced Pro-Team promoting our fantastic products.

​​​​​​Captain Jack uses only the best organic ingredients to make his CBD tattoo balm and his CBD laser gel, ​the combination of the best ingredients together with the CBD gives our products the amazing  healing qualities for the artist to use during the tattoo process, and you the customer to get best quality balm to help the healing process, Coconut oil has great anti-bacterial properties, 
Jojoba wax prevents irritation and keep the skin hydrated which stops the redness of your skin whilst being tattooed, it prevents your pores from clogging up which is a main problem with other brands.
Hemp seed oil is full of the essential fatty acids needed to help calm your skin, which stops it scabbing up by keeping your freshly tattooed skin highly moisturised, it also has the highest content of vitamin E and omega 3 oil. 
Rosehip oil has an amazing ability to improve skins moisture levels, it helps rebuild skin elastin levels and helps restore the skins damaged tissue, it also has omega 3 & 6 which is believed to be the best oil to rejuvenate damaged skin.​
​Sea Buckthorn is excellent healing scars, burns it has great anti-inflammatory agent that helps your skin to heal quickly.
​Niaouli oil is an analgesic which eliminates pain by inducing numbness in the nerves by desensitizing the area of the skin, with its antiseptic to keep bacteria away it also speeds up the recovery time, and so diminishes scars by helping the new tissue cells to repair the damaged skin.