​​​​Well....I've always loved art and tattoo art since I was school age. I started a tattoo apprenticeship in 2001 in a local studio. I worked in the studio 4 days per week drawing stencils, cleaning and all the other boring stuff that goes along with it. I worked there until I was confident in tattooing customers unsupervised! Then I took my portfolio to another more established studio as my mentor started giving me grief as he knew I was getting just as good as him! After just a few days I got a call saying I could start in the more established studio! So I worked there for about 4 years just tattooing the old red devils, tasmanian devils and tweety pies Haa Haa! But at this time the studios round about had artists that was putting out this amazing work (out of my comfort zone kind of work) for eg realism and portraits etc. so the shop I was in eventually went out of business, I took a job during the week and also keeping up doing weekends in a studio that was really busy, so I could keep my hand in the tattooing and also have a full time job. I then started pushing myself further and further at the shop, watching and learning! I continued working both the jobs until I got asked by a good friend to go work alongside him! My work is black and grey as this is the style I love to work in!  But I really look up to so many colour realistic artists there is about now days (they're work is outstanding)! So just last year I got contacted by another really good friend/artist to see if I would like to go work with him in a studio he was opening of his own, I am going to start fresh again pursuing black and grey work as that is what I am comfortable with. so now I am full time in                 Stockist of Captain Jack CBD Tattoo Balm
Rebellion of Angels tattoo studio,

211 Clarkson Road

​Cathcart, Glasgow. G44 3DS

Garry Mcvey.