I was interested in Tattoos from a very early age , my dad was covered as were all his biker buddies and I was always wanting/waiting to see his next addition , I did A level art at college and was always interested in drawing until I left college which then lost a bit of love for it - until an old drawing was seen and I was offered an apprenticeship which I snapped up - a year and a half to 2 years passed and I was offered a position to tattoo full time within a studio , things progressed and a few years later I opened Indelible Ink which has gone from strength to strength , the studio as a team are travelling the world , winning awards and constantly moving on wards and upwards. I tattoo alongside a couple of my faves the incredible talents that are Silk Michael and Ryan Shann. I tattoo in Black and grey and my main focus of style is
Black work/Dot work .                   we fully stock                Captain Jack CBD Products
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Indelible Ink
351 Forton Road
Gosport, Hants
PO12 3HF
​​Gez Bradley