It all started back when I was just a young boy growing up in Walsend. We all have dreams as kids, to become an astronaut, or a cowboy or a cool tattoo artist. In my case, I decided to start drawing on myself with felt tips as I didn't have either a horse or the means to build a space rocket which could actually fly. so here I am, 18 years later with my own business and it's the best thing I've
 ever done, should of done it years ago but I wasn't ready. Through hard work, hours of education and a bit of hard luck, I managed to open up my very own tattoo studio in Newcastle in 2016. this was off the back of being a professional tattoo artist for over 17 years and having drawn various peoples skin, in some of the North East's most prestigious tattoo studios.
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LD Studio
33 Station Road,
Wallsend. Tyne & Wear


Lee Donald